Why do coaching?

Many times in life, something is a bit off, but we're not sure how to fix it. Or, we try fixing it ourselves but don't get the results we're hoping for.  

I can help.

What are some things people share? :

• I have important goals that have eluded me.  
• I feel adrift in life, like I’m just going through the motions.  
• I want to be more connected and fulfilled.
• I have “sabotaging stories” and thought patterns that keep me from succeeding.   
• I want to explore and fix what’s holding me back in my career (or in relationships, or with money, or in personal growth, or…)     

While coaching can be therapeutic, it's not therapy, which usually deals with things in the past. Coaching, on the other hand, is more present- and future-oriented. 

Is coaching right for me?

Coaching is for you if you're willing to invest the time and energy to make lasting changes. You’ll develop self-awareness, and new ways of thinking, connecting with and relating to others. You'll achieve goals that have long eluded you.

When you’ve had enough of the status quo and are ready to get on track for a more fulfilling life, you’re probably a good candidate for coaching. 

The next step is to have a free “Stumped to Pumped” sample coaching session. You’ll get to see if there’s a good fit between us, and regardless of whether we end-up working together, I pretty much guarantee you’re going to come away feeling it was time well-spent.

You can schedule a free session here  or call or email me for more info.


Speaking to groups

Looking for an engaging speaker for your group?  Let's talk!  

My presentation is about making changes to your life,"burning the boat" and how it's never too late to get started. It's based on my personal journey of leaving a career of 20+ years, traveling around the world and discovering what's really important  in life.

My talk is both entertaining and practical, as I provide the audience with tips for making important changes in their own lives.

Interested?  Click the button below to learn more, or call me at 770.309.5651.

"We were so pleased to have Keith Finger address our meeting. Keith's message was extremely timely, engaging and very informative to our group. His life experiences and innovative approach to life and life changes was enlightening and fun. I would recommend having Keith spend some time with your group as well!".

Jonathan Crooks, President
Roswell Lions Club