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Change your Career (and Your Life!)

Whether you're early in your career or you've been at it for 20+ years, you may  be ready for a change but don't know how to make it happen.

Changing your career can be daunting. Everyone wants to give you advice and it's difficult to figure out the right steps. No wonder people remain in unsatisfying careers for too long.

Register for this free interactive workshop and learn about changing your career (and life), overcoming obstacles and having the mindset to succeed. 

In this workshop you’ll come away with:

  • Clarity of your goals and how to make things happen
  • Awareness of beliefs that are holding you back
  • Resources to power though barriers
  • Powerful connections with others on the same path

You'll  leave with a better idea of the goals that are important to you and  next steps. And you'll meet other people on the same path and may even  make a friend or two.


Keith runs great workshops. He knows his stuff and really gets you thinking about how to  apply the content to your own life. I highly recommend him.

-Mike Rarer, Sales Exec.


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Men's Circle Discussion Group


The Men's Circle

The Men’s Circle is a discussion group where we discuss the things (good and bad) that have shaped us as men, sons, fathers and partners. It's a place for sharing, reflecting and “getting real” about our lives, how we might sometimes get in our own way, and what we really want out of life.

Because revealing truth about our beliefs, emotions, behaviors, judgments and patterns takes risking and trust, The Men’s Circle is a safe, confidential, judgment-free zone.  

Click below if you're interested in attending a group. 

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