Are you fulfilled in your career, or do you feel like you should be doing something else?

Do any of these sound familiar to you?:

• You've been in your career for a while but now want to do something else.

• You've struggled to find career direction.

• You want a job that's more than a paycheck.

• You feel like you could be doing more with your career and life.

 If so, let's talk.

I help people find more fulfilling careers.

A career change doesn't have to be difficult. 

All the advice you get from family members and friends can be overwhelming.  And then there are those career and personality assessments that can point you in difference directions. You may have searched online for new roles and felt it was a lost cause. 

 It can be overwhelming and even a bit depressing.

Am I right?

No wonder so many people give up before they've really even started!  :(

My goal is to change that. 

I'll explore what makes you YOU and discuss the life and work experiences you've enjoyed, to get clues about what your next career could be. The result is career options that serve you both emotionally and financially. 

Also, because I'm a trained Co-Active coach, I help you maintain the positive mindset and the focus necessary to reach your goals.

My clients range from their 20s to their 60s. Some are early in their career and graduated college several years ago, while others are mid-career or are considering a new career after selling their business or retiring after many years in the same career.

Working with me is a Judgment-Free Zone where you can talk freely about what you want in life and from a career and what may be holding you back.

I help people around the world and can schedule our calls to work with your schedule.

If this interests you, schedule a free intro call or drop me a note.

I look forward to speaking with you and helping you get started on your journey to a more satisfying career.


“Keith is great. I was at a bit of a crossroads when I started working with him. He helped me clarify what I wanted next in life and what was important to me. His coaching helped me be successful in a new direction.” Ben M. - higher education

"I have always been a very ambitious person and have relentlessly pursued my personal and professional goals. But, for almost two years, I had not been able to figure out how to move forward until I began coaching sessions with Keith.  Keith helped me confront my fears, fears that were holding me back.  I am now dealing with those fears and moving forward to achieve my goals."  

Cynthia S. -  Entrepreneur

How can I help you?

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